Living the Good Life - What to Expect on a Port Macquarie Farmstay

Farmstay fun near Port Macquarie

The beaming smile says it all - bringing our four children up on a farmstay has been a lot of fun. The current headcount of animals is 8 goats (soon to be a few more), 1 sheep, one mini cow, three fully grown donkeys full of personality and an adorable donkey foal, one goose and lots of chickens and ducks!

It is a life that can be touched with heartache when a treasured pet leaves us, but on the whole we couldn't have imagined a better setting to raise our family - both human and four legged.

What should you expect on a farmstay?

  • Not all farmstays are the same - some will offer you pony rides, milking cows and mucking out stalls. Our farmstay near Port Macquarie is more like a little hobby farm with great accommodation. All of our animals are pets rather than working animals. At the weekends and in school holidays you can join in with the animal feeding and learn a bit more about our menagerie, and you are welcome to interact with the animals as much as you are comfortable with.

  • Definitely the highlight - babies! Doesn't matter whether they are ducklings, calves or kid goats they are always cute and cuddly. Our children have learned (and sometimes unluckily observed) how babies are made and born into this world- often they have had to feed them and keep them warm when their mothers have not been able to or rejected them. Depending on the seasons we usually have baby chicks hatching and baby goats to bottle feed.

  • You may be nibbled, pecked, licked and even chased but most of our animals are very friendly and are only hoping for a handful of food.

  • Animals make noises and smells. A buck goat is a sensory experience not always to be recommended.

  • Our chickens and ducks will deliver delicious eggs in all sizes and colours imaginable in your complimentary breakfast hamper.

  • You will have lots of fun!

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